Women of the seven seas
Women of the seven seas

3. My grandmother, Soetinah, grew up on the coast of Pare-pare, South Sulawesi, ...

...and comfortably jumped into the sea to swim far away from shore. Me? I’m the complete opposite. I could never trust the sea, believing it would swallow me whole every time. The vast blue color that touched the horizon and the unknown that lies beyond made me anxious. It is probably because I was born in the valley and the sea wasn’t part of my childhood. But apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way. The majority of Indonesians around me are also afraid of the sea.

I have to travel three hours from my hometown, Malang, and pass through mountains and valleys to finally see The Indian Ocean. And there, the Javanese people believe that the Indian Ocean is guarded by The Queen of The Southern Sea. There are various stories regarding her existence. From the belief that she was a demi-god who decided to meditate forever in the southern sea; to the story that she was a myth created by the Dutch during the colonial era, so that the native Javanese would be scared of going to the southern sea, and the Dutch could monopolize the natural resources there.

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Women of the Seven Seas aim to connect women from all aspects of maritime life
Giuditta Vendrame

Giuditta Vendrame. Artist, Designer, Researcher.

What water does to our brains

The water, like any of the larger intangible un-holdable natural systems --like sky and weather, will teach you things that will take you forever to learn on land. 

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Interview with FESAN, July 2021

Interview with FESAN

constance hockaday

constance hockaday

Giuditta Vendrame
1. My Ancestors Were Sailors/ Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut (By Ibu Sud)

a text by Nova Ruth 

2. Many years ago, composer Ibu Sud wrote Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut as a cheery song for children.

a text by Nova Ruth 

water gives and takes life

a text by Kristin Samir Jaibi Loren du Pon

engine at sea

on board of the Sea-Watch by Kristin Feddersen 

Black Water
Country of the Sea


3. My grandmother, Soetinah, grew up on the coast of Pare-pare, South Sulawesi, ...

a text by Nova Ruth 

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf


Nova Ruth
4. As kids, we were even told that when we went to the beach, we shouldn’t wear green,...

a text by Nova Ruth 

Kristin Feddersen

music by Nova Ruth 

Shaina Anand

Filmmaker and Artist, CAMP

Female Seafarers' Association of Nigeria


Exterritory Project
1. Hamburger Seefrauenparade / Shefarers' Parade Hamburg