Women of the seven seas
Women of the seven seas

Exterritory Project

Exterritory Project deploys different media for theoretical and practical investigations of extraterritorial phenomena and an extraterritorial logic of representation. This art project was conceived when we decided to screen a video compilation of works by Middle-Eastern artists onto the sails of boats navigating in the extraterritorial waters of the Mediterranean, as a response to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The naval limits of sovereign territories were created by Western colonial powers in order to establish trade relations between nations. The extent of state’s
territorial waters was originally defined by the range covered by a cannon shot fired from the state’s land territory out to the sea. In the ensuing centuries, the range of territorial waters became increasingly determined by the technological limits of a nation’s ability to wage war and exercise control. For these reasons, we wanted to launch the project in the extraterritorial waters at the point at which the sovereignty of the state is no longer effective, if only symbolically.  As part of the project, we have been experimenting with extraterritoriality as a tool from which to reflect on visual knowledge gaps and thresholds of representability. We believe that exploring extraterritoriality may help present blind spots that maintain certain dominant discriminating conceptions while also challenging arbitrary borders that limit the formations of political subjectivities.

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Women of the Seven Seas - Online-Symposium
First Shefarers' Parade of Hamburg
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Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Women of the Seven Seas aim to connect women from all aspects of maritime life
Giuditta Vendrame

Giuditta Vendrame. Artist, Designer, Researcher.

What water does to our brains

The water, like any of the larger intangible un-holdable natural systems --like sky and weather, will teach you things that will take you forever to learn on land. 

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Interview with FESAN, July 2021

Interview with FESAN

constance hockaday

constance hockaday

Giuditta Vendrame
1. My Ancestors Were Sailors/ Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut (By Ibu Sud)

a text by Nova Ruth 

2. Many years ago, composer Ibu Sud wrote Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut as a cheery song for children.

a text by Nova Ruth 

water gives and takes life

a text by Kristin Samir Jaibi Loren du Pon

engine at sea

on board of the Sea-Watch by Kristin Feddersen 

Black Water
Country of the Sea


3. My grandmother, Soetinah, grew up on the coast of Pare-pare, South Sulawesi, ...

a text by Nova Ruth 

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf


Nova Ruth
4. As kids, we were even told that when we went to the beach, we shouldn’t wear green,...

a text by Nova Ruth 

Kristin Feddersen

music by Nova Ruth 

Shaina Anand

Filmmaker and Artist, CAMP

Female Seafarers' Association of Nigeria


Exterritory Project
1. Hamburger Seefrauenparade / Shefarers' Parade Hamburg